What does eBay and Social Media Collections and Deliveries entail?

ProTransit offers local and convenient service for consumers to receive their eBay and other social media purchases as well as sellers having products delivered as part of their service.

eBay social media collections and deliveries

Online shopping, e-commerce, is the norm now when it comes to buying gifts for family or even yourself. With people spending their time and money on products from the comfort of their own home, the likes of eBay, Facebook and other social media outlets have seen their profile soar; and with well-established high street stores slowly fading due to the impact, its no wonder why some are predicting the end of the high street as we know it.

Our Service To You

With so many individuals needing a courier to collect an item from eBay or other social media platforms, ProTransit decided to start a service with the customer in mind. Based in Cheltenham and serving customers throughout Gloucestershire, the collections and deliveries service provides a safe and professional way to send or receive your items.

How Does It Work?

Contact us and let us know the pick-up location as well as the location you wish the item to be delivered too along with the rough size and we will confirm with you that we have a van with your name on it (so to speak). Let us know what day you would like the item delivered to you and time of day that suits you, and we will happily deliver to your doorstep. It’s that simple.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • You will need to check with the seller to make sure it is okay for a courier service to collect the item. 
  • Although we try to get to the seller’s location early, delays can happen due to traffic; this is why the seller will need to be around to hand the parcel to one of our drivers.
  • Our drivers cannot open side gates or any type of door to collect items.
  • We can only collect items from the UK. Unfortunately, we cannot collect items that are purchased internationally.

Don’t let these pointers put you off from using our service. It is rare for a seller to turn down the offer of a courier service to collect items, especially if said parcels are bulky.

Prices are extremely fair to all concerned. We believe that they are more than competitive and hope that the experience you have with us will make you use us time and time again. Also, don’t be afraid to mention us to friends and family.

What eBay Courier Service Is Near Me?

Here are some of the locations we serve locally

Cheltenham – Gloucester – Stroud – Cirencester – Tewkesbury