Internal Retail Transfer/Sales Deliveries

Do you require a service that involves the transfer of stock, including display POS from one store to another? Perhaps your store would like a professional yet friendly courier service that can deliver purchased items from your store to the customer’s home?

ProTransit has found a niche within the retail industry, where local stores call us to transfer stock internally from store to store as well as deliver purchased goods to the customer’s doorstep. Situated in Cheltenham, we can serve businesses within Gloucestershire and throughout the UK. So whether you have one shop or perhaps a small chain of stores, we can easily reach your desired location and deliver on your expectations.

Known for our excellent relationships between clients, we work closely with small to medium-sized businesses who can’t afford the prices on offer by major distribution companies. So, to have us at your service, contact us with the size of load that you require to be picked up or delivered, the locations as well as times. We will plan all the logistical matters using the information given and will contact you with a confirmation.

We see it as a vital component to our values that we perform in a professional yet courteous manner.